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Earth - friendly Aromatherapy Candles to invoke mindfulness

"We believe in finding pause; a few minutes to breathe deeply and still you mind". Relax your mind, Renew your body, and Revive your soul.

Experience the spiritual journey within. Our candles invigorate the mind from all dimensions and facilitate the ethereal experience of the ultimate consciousness, contentment, and calmness within oneself.
A moment to connect to your core and listen to the powers that guide you.

Light one of our Nushaura meditation candles and ease deeper into that moment of mindfulness, yoga or meditation while inhaling pure essential oils to help balance your emotions and evoke feelings of Love, Trust, Peace or Gratitude!

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Lighting the candle of Empowerment and Sustainability

Our artisans make these candles from the convenience of their homes.We provide them with all the raw materials and trust their craftsmanship to produce these beautiful candles.

We bring the artisan’s art from their doorstep to yours. As a consumer, you not only own a piece of art that can be illuminated but you also connect with our artisan's passion imbued in each candle.

You're a hero in their story when you buy these candles.

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I had my apprehensions about purchasing a candle placed at a premium price point. However, after experiencing the candle first hand, I can say that the quality and the experience matched my expectations.

I could observe considerable attention to detail right from the unboxing experience. Going past the layers of amazon packaging, we are greeted with a well-designed, wooden package with the brand name and logo engraved. Good to see that they used recyclable materials which makes the package nature friendly too.

The candle itself is housed in a glass casing and topped by a metal lid. The candle emits a subtle fragrance even when it is not lit. Leaving the candle with the lid off on the work desk or by the bedside actually helps create a mellow ambiance.

The candle looks beautiful when its lit. The interplay of the glass casing and the burning wick is a delight to watch. It disperses a soothing fragrance which helps me relax after a tiring day at work. I can also see it perfectly blend in with my morning exercise routine or my bed time reading as I find the fragrance quite conductive for an energizing atmosphere.

Also, from safety point of view, I observed that the glass casing never overheats and its quite safe to handle and move around even when the candle has been lit for a significant amount of time.

Lastly, its great to see a product which not only stands the test of quality, but also, in process gives a platform to local artisans who have had generations of experience in making organic scented candles.

Akya Bhatnagar

This candle is an ultimate luxury experience.

The fragrance is unparalleled, like no other candle I've ever experienced before. It truly lives up to the "authentic scent" when lit in a room.

The packaging is also beautiful, making it a very gift worthy product.

I'd definitely recommend you to experience one for yourself, no cons that I have seen yet.

Arpit Jain

Received the order on the next day.

The packagings was great, the candle came in a wooden box, which was very cleanly and precisely cut.

It lights up my whole living area and spread an aroma. There is a sense of positivity when I burn it, a relaxing sensation and calmness. Totally in love with the scent of the candle.

Worth buying for people who are looking for peaceful and soothing experience at their home.

Sarabjot Singh

Glad to see the organic packaging.

Comes in a beautiful Jar, can't take my eyes off from these candles ❤

Truly healthy-happy candles, improves the air quality along with wonderful fragrance.

Feeling so relaxed after coming back from the office and lighting up this candle, indeed a bliss.

no issues so far, looking up for my next nushaura candle already.

Namrata Raina

This is the most wonderful candle comes in beautiful, high-quality jars which has a totally unique sweet smell and actually purifies air. That’s what makes it so good. I am loving the fragrance. 😊

This candle will make your home smell sweet and soothing.Totally impressed by Nushaura product.👍 Pollution free and environment friendly, helps me to stay calm after a long work day.
Loved the fragrance. Loved the packaging. Loved the candle 👏


Beautiful aroma.... Feel calmness after lighting it.... Having stayed in Himalayas.... This candle brought some familiar smells and memories back...

Shinjinee Biswas

I saw a few previous reviews about bad packaging, messy candle wax and broken candle jar. So I was a bit skeptical about buying this. But I loved the black jar and wanted it so much I went for it. Well isn't disappointing at all. The Candle arrived in a safe, strong, heavily taped and neatly packed box with lot of bubble wraps inside (guess company has improved packaging). And the candle box is a sight to see and feel. Candle jar is fascinating to see as in the photos. Love it. It has light floral notes with hint of vanilla. If you're the one for mild and running floral aroma in your space then go for it. You'll enjoy it for sure :)

Namrata V

The packaging wasn't elaborate but the product arrived in perfect condition.

The fragrance of this particular variant is mild and unlike anything I've used before. It smells a bit like mixed fruits more than floral bouquet tbh but I don't mind that at all. You do have to wait for a good 15 to 30 mins for the fragrance to fill the room.

This by far the least priced candle I've bought and although the size is much smaller than the standard bath and body works candles, the quality is pretty impressive.


I am thoroughly enjoying this candle. Being a candle lover, I look for few specific things in a candle...the fragrance should be something different and not like the usual overly sweet or overly floral. The presentation...a candle should look good so that it can be placed anywhere in the house to add some light...and finally the burn and throw...this candle satisfy almost everything I said above. The throw on this candle is light so I use it in my smaller room. It looks really nice and I love the cork top packaging. Really pretty and nice. Will buy again.


This smells heavenly...I loved it. The packaging was perfect, no damages. m a sented candle fan and look forward to buy few more. Super happy


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