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This year, you will likely be racking your brain trying to think of gift ideas for any number of people who range from very close loved ones to random recipients of White Elephant during the holiday season. Fear not! There is one gift that is almost universally appreciated, even by those who initially may scoff at it. We are talking, of course, about candles. Are you ready to help your friends and family get lit!?

Customize your candles, wax colors and fragrances with us to create the most tempting gifting range for your loved ones or any events, birthday-gifting, hampers, festive seasons, corporate gifting or for your wedding day.

  • Select or Create the desired candle Jar with us.
  • Create your favourite fragrance blends, colors and mix for the aromatherapy candles.
  • Design your dream packaging with customised logo and you are all set to go!

YOUR ( desired fragrance blends + packaging ) + Made by OUR Nushaura Artisan Community
= Your dream fragranced candle (aha! smells do good already)

Sustainable tourism with artisans

What if you can travel to the artisans’ home and witness the making of the products yourself? Nushaura invites you to take a break from the city by indulging in the rustic charm of rural India. Listen to the stories of women artisans and see how candle making integrates their daily lives with our program Tourism’. At the end of the trip, you’ll have made memories, unlike any other you’ve experienced before.

Partner with us

We aim towards creating a collaboration which uplifts both our Artisans and you and the mother earth. With every partnership we move a step closer in making the rapid growth of the organization through direct customer and business interactions which has helped us generate sufficient income to pay for nutritious food, education, and healthcare for these artisans.

Write to us at for a partnership that works towards a greater good in the society.

make a difference: help rural india grow

We are moving our Artisans towards a more fair, flourishing and brighter future. But we can’t get there without you. When you support our Artisans you are not just sustaining their livelihood, you are empowering our Artisans to stand-up on their feet and make a real change happen. Contribute to our ongoing initiatives to help make a difference in our Artisans community.

Reach out to us at for contributing towards our vision of sustainable livelihood for women.

teach a kid

Discovering the world of books, and uniforms, making friends, the notebooks and sharpened pencils are one of our fondest memories from our early days at school. Every child has the right to Education and to enjoy the joy of learning. And to impart it to the less fortunate is our duty towards our society and our nations children.

Building a better life for our Artisans not only concerns giving them work opportunities, but reaching out to every help we can provide for their development. We at Nushaura offer you an opportunity to be a part of his movement. To become the torchbearers of improving the lives of thousands of artisans and their families. For every purchase that you make from Nushaura, an amount from order goes towards educating the Artisans children. Join us in our initiative to become guardians to these children, to educate them, and give them what every child deserves. And show them the power of education and the wonders they can do with it.

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