Our Story

From the Founder

Tanushree Jain is the founder of Nushaura. As she puts it today, “An entrepreneur is born out of a lack, a necessity, and not just interest.” In fact, this idea came to her thanks to her life in the big city. High levels of pollution and low quality of living affected her health. Amidst it, she established Nushaura. It not only became a driver for her better health but also led to the creation of livelihood opportunities for over 800+ artisans from marginalised communities from rural and remote villages in India for their socio- economic development with an environmentally conscious business model (2018)- delivering high quality, sustainable everyday products and merchandise to a market saturated with harmful products.

Running as a producer company, the venture continues to ensure that all profits reach their true earners- rural craftswomen, while maintaining the well- being of the consumer and the mother earth. What began as a small self-help group with a bunch of women from a tiny village Kalwad in Rajasthan is now a social enterprise. As a social impact venture, Nushaura takes care of the entire process for artisans, from delivering the raw material to the artisan’s doorstep to delivering the final product in India and abroad.

Reviving the tradition of manual craftsmanship, Nushaura pays special attention not only to the appearance of products, but also to their content. Providing Quality & Aesthetically pleasing Products with affordability & customisation good for Eco-Conscious consumer and the Mother Earth. We bring the artisan’s art from their doorstep to yours. NUSHAURA products are beautiful inside-out due to the love, compassion and thought of wellness for all of the artisans, which is imbibed in each of our products.

NUSHAURA prides itself with the artisans as shareholders- they manufacture the products and reap its benefits. “In a place where any livelihood is discouraged, and confidence is next to zero, this is a major source of security for them and a matter of pride for me.” - Tanushree Jain

Tanushree has worked in the refugee camps in a riot-affected area in Uttar Pradesh, India to the public sector, corporates, and rural lands. Since 2017, she has facilitated and trained over 8,000+ artisans from marginalised communities on decision-making power, and freedom of choice with financial independence via workshops, group sessions, and Self Help Group (SHG) meetings, along with transformational leadership, generating future entrepreneurs and creating more livelihood opportunities. Powering through an over protective society, she chose to become a first-generation entrepreneur in her family, bootstrapping her idea with personal savings and no other safety net.


NUSHAURA is backed by The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad, under The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) & Indian Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) under Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the project ‘Her&Now’. Additionally, it launched Founders Podcast, where Tanushree shared her entrepreneurial journey along with 4 other women entrepreneurs to mainstream the narrative around women's entrepreneurship in India. The podcast was covered by FeminismInIndia and is now streaming on Spotify, Apple, Google and all major podcasts.

Awards and Recognition

  • 1000 Women of Asia Award, 2021 by Wommenovator
  • Women Achiever Award 2021, The India 5000 Business Awards.
  • Environmental awareness leader, Jaipur (2019)
  • Women leader, Rajasthan (2020)

Nushaura’s work and impact along with my entrepreneurial journey has been published by some of the top media platforms including TheIndianExpress, MakersIndia, TheBetterIndia, YourStory, Herstory, Business sources.