ABOUT Nushaura

Empowering Rural India

NUSHAURA is a social enterprise that works with rural and tribal women artisans from marginalised communities across various remote villages in India inorder to make these women financially independent and come out of the circle of economic dependency by creating thoughtful, sustainable, healthy, handmade products in order to maintain the wellbeing of consumers and Mother Earth.

We build sustainability by skilling, training and supporting holistic rural development to enhance the livelihood opportunities for these women artisans for their socio-economic development.

Our Work

Nushaura works on the philosophy of holistic development by focusing on Entrepreneurship Development and Social Development for our Nushaura Artisan Community.


NUSHAURA brings artisan’s art from their doorstep to consumer’s. Our objective is to enable and aware the consumer to make informed & healthy choices, to be a growth platform for artisans for their socio-economic development & finally to plant & maintain a million trees as we run sustainable business culture.


We aim to serve as a social innovator for the artisans and help our customers transition into an earth-friendly lifestyle at home or outside of the home. Values : We stand for Dignity, Empathy, Self-Awareness & Well-Being.

Which Causes Do We Support

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Zero Waste Lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly Products
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Fair Trade & Ethical Sourcing
  • Sustainable Farming, No Animal Harming
  • Resource Conserving Methods for Production
  • Sustainable Living & Conscious Consumption